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Dentist Dr. Anneli Aleksius graduated 1996 Tartu University Medical faculty departement of Stomatology. Additionally she has passed speciality schoolings in Estonia and abroad continuously every year.

If patient has decided to come to our reception, he/she usually has specific particular problem. In this case I try to encourage patient to bring out all disturbing details of teeth and smile. It is important for me that all those small interferences should be solved as precise as possible-this is the only way to reach the best possible outcome possible.

Reliable partnership between doctor and patient is essential, then patients tend to open up more easily about the expectations and wishes for the outcome. Even the smallest details are important because the smile is every persons visit card – it has to be natural, personal , perfect. Colour of the teeth, shape and translucency is visible for everyone changing peoples physiognomy – helping to communicate each other or holding your back. That is why perfect smile-design is mandatory part of dentistry today.

When I start treatment, I always have vision of perfect result.

Beautiful colour-matching and perfectly finished incisal edges,cusps and fissures, also suitable tight contact surfaces between neighbour teeth  will guarantee comfort bite and chewing functionality.

My favourite toothbrush is Trisa SonicPower. Happy biting !

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