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“LaserSmile”  in-office whitening 

World leader dental laser producer  Biolase whitening laser  “LaserSmile”  has been used in dental offices more than  10 years.
Tooth are getting 5-7 shades whiter according  VITA proffessional shade guide . Procedure can be repeated after 2 weeks. More than shade  B1  is rarely possible to achieve. Common result is  A1  .Please consult with your dentist about expected result before whitening.
Procedure will take approximately 1,5 hours . Firstly gum protection will be placed  and after that whitening gel  will be placed onto tooth (commonly 10 upper and 10 lower tooth). Laser light activates photosensitive  particles in whitening gel  and bleaching  process will be more intensive. Procedure can cause temporary sensitivity, which commonly will be passed for next morning. 80% of patients do not complain any sensitivity. This procedure is not recommended for the patients with sensitive teeth.
Before whitening make sure all cavities are repaired and proffessional cleaning 2-3 days before whitening is very much recommended. Only this way we can guarantee maximum white result.


“Air-Flow” professional tooth cleaning

Unique  swiss made cleaning device EMS “Air-Flow” is using sodium and calcium polished particles powered by air pressure  and covered with waterspray. This sophisticated high-speed powerwash elliminates plaque,dark brown discolourations, tartar and calculus gently. To maintain the smooth and clean tooth surface patients daily routine of cleaning your teeth needs to be followed  every evening. If “AirFow” has been done once patients will definitely have better  mouth hygiene. Procedure is painless,comfortable and safe, not damaging  tooth enamel. Watch a video here!!


After whitening care

48 hours after whitening recommended  DIET RESTRICTIONS :

  • Almost  all vegetables , allowed is only white polished rice, bread made of top grade flour, white boiled potatos, white cabbage and cauliflower
  • Tea (including herbal tea), no coffee, cola or any other soft drinks. cocoa, chocolate, seasonings, natural wines or any other alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Also you are not allowed to smoke.
  • Industrially manufactured products which includes variety of natural or artificial colorings additives such as fruity yoghurts , colorful desertcreams , chocolate cheesecakes, cup soups , sauces , bouillons , margarine and vegetable oils are not allowed.


Laserdrill WATERLASE is removing caries without diamond but using power of light. As a result only caries damaged tooth tissue will be removed. Healthy teeth will be saved completely, because the power of light is calibrated exactly  as powerful  that healthy tooth  laser can not be drilled through .

Drill your teeth with Waterlase  – Let there be Light !

Ideal treatment method for small and medium size cavities ,also  broken fractured parts  ,restauraton of incisal edges where commonly placed fillings using air-turbine drill, and bonding and bonded fillings too often can break away again.

Laser-cleaned and roughened surface makes it easier to successfully restore  tooth abrased edges ja cervical defects. Don’t let your bite surface fillings wear too low , then the fitting crowns will be your only option  to restore healthy function.

Using “Waterlase” we can restore the beautiful look of your teeth and avoid sensitivity after treatment. Prevention is easy and painless!



Willing to avoid cavities ?
Here is an alternative !
“icon gel” is an option to fix tiny cavity by using the gel which strengtens the teeth using  gel infiltration.

How notice cavity like this? On X-Ray this type of cavity seen as slightly darker, less mineralised areas. Usually these are the areas between your backteeth where your toothbrush doesnt reach that well.
It is very important that you floss every day. If on the x-ray you can see receded areas in the enamel but visibly  it looks fine then “Icon-Gel” helps to lead the missing minerals in the right place. And the good news is – theres no drilling!

You can check how the prcedure works from below.

I  have so many fillings…

My tooth have changed colour….

I have done whitening several times,but seems it does not help…





Way to reach bright smile is often not so complicated as it seems to be.

BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT and list all  important questions.

When you come to see us the you can bring a photo as an example of smile which you like to have for yourself. Elder patients can bring a photos from themselves when they younger. This way we can restore their natural smile to avoide surprising comments/compliments like “Oh, what  a beautiful prosthetic denture you have !”



Even as super white teeth can look natural if they are in right character , shape and size.


Ceramic veneer is individually handycrafted combined high technology machines worked out  masterpiece, that can not be cheap.

There are less expensive alternatives recently developed Componeer’s , “Edelweiss” ja “free-hand laminates“, which will also restore teeth healthy look and allows us the shape the teeth into desired shape.

Most common and desired procedure is restoring the bitting edges of the teeth with laser.


Our team has the pleasure to meet you  and  find together  new , younger and  confident smile for you. A key to a good mood is a confident and beautiful smile and not having to hide it.



As fitted over 500 laminates Fixing the small yet disturbing defects of front teeth is our everyday work. We execute the procedures pain-free and safely as we follow “Waterlase” microdentistry principles


Ideal case laminates will be ready in 5 days, more complicated cases can take 2-3 weeks.

Meanwhile temporary veneers will be placed which shape helps to get used with future laminatesfajutiste laminaatidega

Componeers and free-hand laminates are ready on a same day whitin 2-3 hours.


Tooth enamel will not be shaved at all —lumineer will be bonded on tooth  and beautiful smile is created .
Come for a consultation and we will see if we can use this option,
You have to keep in mind that using lumineers full arch with smile-line will be moved forward. Thats why it is useful to try the size with the”wax-up” model and together with the doctor you can see if a new smile with lumineers looks natural.