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Laser drill "Waterlase" is using light to drill the teeth unlike other drills which use diamond drill. The outcome is removing softened teeth tissue which is harmed by tartar build up. The healthy teeth remains unharmed because the light power is regulated the way that it won't drill through the healthy teeth.

It is ideal for treating smaller cavity and restoring (using laser roughening) the broken edges where the fillings fitted using the regular drill tend to break again.

The surfaces which are laser-treated enables us sucsessfully to fix worn off edged and other minor defects. Do not let your teeth to wear off to much because then the only option is to fit the crowns.

With laser we can restore the nice and healthy look of your teeth and avoid sensitivity using the easy and painless way.

> Filling one tooth surface means either tongue-, lip-, cheek- or palate- side of tooth surface.
> Fillings reaching between teeth are definitely two - or three surface fillings.
> Price includes drilling either air turbine - or micro motor drill, placing, shaping, levelling and polishing the filling.
> If the filling requires correction or re-polishing on your next appointment the theres no extra fee for that.
> If you wish that the doctor uses the laser drill then it adds extra 35 euros on you bill.

Composite filling on two tooth surface65

Filling of bite surface is located on a tooths bite surface. If the filling is extensive it will take more time to restore the natural shape of the tooth and thats why it is a bit more expensive. Right anatomical shape of a biting surface helps you chew the food more efficiently. It is possible to order a filling for a perfect biting surface from a dental lab. When doing so we will get an extra wear-resistant tooth. Ceramic filling is very wear-resistant and do not need replacing. Regular composite filling wear off and thats why they need to be replaced as the years go by.

Big filling for complete restauration/build-up/ , hand made veneer.125
PRE-FABRICATED “Edelweiss” veneer or bite surface restauration150
CERAMIC FILLING eMax (prepared by dental technician in dental laboratory) including 2 visits440
Glass ionomer cavity liner and/or Ca(OH)2 pulp capping20
Glass ionomer long term temporary filling40
Temporary filling Coltosol15
“Waterlase” drilling for 1 tooth35
Consultation and check-up 10 minutes15
Treatment planning 30 minutes35
Polishing and finishing fillings (separate visit)15
Application anaesthesia3
Injection anaesthesia8
Caries prophylaxis with Fluor bonding upper or lower jaw (all teeth)20
“Sealant” caries prevention treatment20
Old metal filling removal15
Whitening using “YOTUEL” whitening gel100
Laser whitening Biolase “LASERSMILE”268
Single tooth or root whitening from inside.(previous root treatment is necessary)38
Perio “AirFlow” root surface cleaning65
Tartar build-up removal with ultrasound-scaler from 1 tooth.7
Opening or widening one root canal20
Vital extirpation12
Old root canal filling removal from one root canal25
Removing a metalpin or a screw from root canal35
Treatment of a tooth with one root canal (visit, treatment, temporary filling)55
Treatment of a tooth with two root canals (visit, treatment, temporary filling)65
Treatment of a tooth with three or four root canals (visit, treatment, temporary filling)75

Tooth shape little ceramic flap made by dental technician and is fitted using composite bonding material. Possible to achieve almost pefect outcome but it might need many oppointments and testing. Dentist can recommend the colour of laminates but the final option is for the patient to make. While wearing temporary laminates the patient can choose either she is satisfied with the current shape or wants to make adjustments. In dental lab creating the laminates will take minimum 5 working days. In this period patient won't be "toothless". Their own teeth will be covered with temporary laminates.

*Assisting procedures : anesthesia, prints ,diagnostic and work models and fixing the laminates are not included in price. You will find the price list below under the subdivision of prosthetic dentistry.

Tooth will not be polished - lumineer is glued on a tooth and your smile has beautiful shape and is constantly white.
Visit us for consultation and we will see if we can use that option on your teeth.
You should keep in mind that with lumineers your whole tooth arch is moving little bit forward. This is why it is useful to try to find out the proper size by using "wax-up" model and to consult your doctor and make sure the shape of your future smile looks natural with lumineers.

Assisting procedures : anesthesia, imprints ,diagnostic and working models , fixing lumineers on a tooth are not included in initial price.

When it comes to composite plates patients can choose themselves between different tones. Material is as opaque as possible to hide the darker spots of the original teeth. Teeth will be ready in a course of one visit. It is necessary to do some polishing to a natural size so that the teeth covered with componeer would not seem abnormally large.

"Edelweiss" laminates are high-technologically made, thin composite laminates from Switzerland. Their nice and shiny surface is achieved by using laser. The tone of the laminate can be toned close to natural thanks to the composite bonding material.

You must keep in mind that it is possible to achieve almost the same tone as the teeth next to it not identical tone. "Edelweiss" laminates shape is standard. You can choose up to three standard size. It is possible to for your dentist to correct the shape of the standard laminate but you can not expect the same result as it would of been when using the ceramic laminate.

If you have a tight budget then this is the cheapest way to restore your beautiful smile.
Another benefit is the speed, restoring your smile will happen over the course of one visit.

The surface of teeth will be covered with the composite material and the dentist shapes the material into a desired shape. Process requires more time compared with componeer and "Edelweiss" laminates" and it is not possible to achieve the type of perfection you would get when using laminates.

You can feel the price difference and the result is smoother. It is suitable for restoring a smile temporarily. Surface should be polished but it is not possible to achieve the type of smoothness and shine result as using "Edelweiss" .

Alginate imprint20
Diagnostic model25
Bilayered silicone impression36
lIndividual impression tray25
Bite registration12
Temporary crown40
Temporary "test smile" ProTemp on one of the jaws80
Biteguard for night150
Whitening guard120
Full ceramic crown440
Full ceramic bridge 1 tooth440
Zirconium framework for 1 crown150
Tunnel preparation in root canal for zirconium pin70

Metalloceramic crown on gold scaffold. Prize of a gold not added in the price

Prepearing tooth for prostetics50
Cementing the support tooth for crown, laminate or for the bridge prosthetics.40
Removing the old metal crown by using the drill50
* *Combined and non-removable (laminates, bridges, and root canal pins) beginning of the preparation 440 euros per teeth unit needs to be paid in advance. Rest of the payments need to be done by the end of the treatment. If a patient is a no-show or cancels the treatment on his/her own choice the pre-payment will not be refunded. It is recommended to fit the prosthetic element maximum two weeks after being completed by technician. After two weeks we cannot guarantee the suitability of the prosthetic piece because of the movement of teeth position and because of the hermetic fitting elements in a root canal may cause a risk of infection if used for fitting after two weeks.440
Removing of a tooth or root65
Removing a wisdom tooth85
Placing the “Neocones” anti-inflammation wound tablet7
Placing a reinforcement fiber on one of the jaws95
Opening an abscess and draining it20
Surgically treating the infection in the gum tissue around the wisdom tooth (rinsing and cleaning the gum socket, applying medication)20
Removing the inflammatory gum tissue using laser35
Wisdom tooth removal "cut-out" with Waterlase350 - 500