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2002 Milano Pregnana Milanese Dr.P.Gacciamani private clinic Primary Healing Implants, Implantology  course using implants at daily praxis.  Practical work with experienced dentist-implantologist.

2003 Capri Closed Meeting European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Interdisciplinare approach.

2003 Itaalia Sardiinia World Clinical Laser Institute European Symposium

1998- 2004  Helsinki Hammaslääketiede Odontologie Fair Conference.Finland. General dentistry – innovative materials  and  treatment methods  in dentistry.

2012 World Federation of Laser Dentistry World Congress Barcelona

2012 Word Federation of Laser Dentistry examination passed of Basic Laser WFLD certification course

2014 Certificate Edelweiss Dentistry composite veneer direct system Stephan Lampl Tallinn

2016  3rd International Expert Symposium Modern Restorative Dentistry : Technology and Esthetics  Madrid 11. June